The Smile Dental Clinic

The smile dental clinic of Dr. Lele offers one of the best dental treatment in mumbai well-equipped with instruments based on the latest technology.

"Smiles... Forever" was
inaugurated by Madhuri Dixit
with the "forever smile"

This state-of-the-art clinic offers the best in Cosmetic Dentistry : from bleaching to bridging, porcelain veneers, whitening, bonding, implants-complete dental health care at affordable prices.

Minimum number of visits

For a Sparkling smile you will need one to four sittings (Depends on direct or indirect bleaching).

Dental Treatment in Mumbai

Composite veneering will be done in one sitting (Correction of crooked or stained teeth.)

A Dental Implant procedure will need two sittings (Any missing tooth can be replaced in the most functionally viable design either by an implant or by using the support of neighbouring teeth.)

Everything from "BLEACHING TO BRIDGING" in a minimum number of sittings. At affordable Indian prices.

Equipment at the Dental Clinic in Mumbai

Dr. Lele's clinic is well equipped with instruments based on the latest technology.

Technical Expertise at the Smile Dental Clinic

Dr. Lele's smile dental clinic is always buzzing with activity as highly-qualified dentists go about their work in a professional manner. The clinic also boasts of efficient and well trained staff who ensure one of the best dental treatment in mumbai.

Dr. Suhas Lele a dentist in Mumbai is the second Indian and fifth Asian to be an accredited member of American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Accredited status is a benchmark endorsing the Zone of Excellence.