Digital Imaging for Cosmetic Dentistry

Digital Smile Design- A Reality

With today's fast-track life, it has become a necessity to predict or assess the actual outcome of any procedure one undergoes on his/ her body. Be it liposuction for a big tummy or laser hair removal on facial skin!

Then why not for our own teeth? Yes, now with the help of simple software and few technical gadgets, we can assess and predict the result of any smile that needs correction. That too without any pain or invasive procedure!

In western countries, it is a well established science and reality to assess the digitally developed smile before getting any procedure done. At Smiles Forever Studio Clinic- Andheri we have been treating patients of all ages needing smile or rejuvenation, under the same protocol of Digital Smile Design.

A short appointment of half an hour is scheduled, in which the needy patient's photographs are clicked using specific camera angles. This is followed by quick study models of the patient's existing teeth along with one or two X-rays if required.

Immediately within a day or two, the most apt picture is processed by highly qualified clinicians, who are trained to undergo various modifications and additions using suitable software.

Once the expected or predicted results in the smile and surrounding structures like gums and tissues are achieved, it is converted into a postcard size photograph and shown to the patient as before and after results. Simultaneously, our expert clinicians, under my guidance and supervision work on virtual study models to assess the actual need and possibility of physical changes in tooth form, shape and height.

The patient is then scheduled for an appointment to discuss and understand the possible but definite improvements in smile.

In this same appointment, the patient is explained the approximate number of appointments (generally two) and the exact cost of the smile correction.

Patients who have undergone this pleasant experience of understanding their new look and smile, have long lasting memories of painless and assuring skill with warm association.

All this is possible today without a hint of pain but with astonishing reality and a feel good factor.

Process of Predicting results of Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

With your consent, we click your photographs and then software imaging is done taking your personality and face into consideration. Respecting your demands in combination with our knowledge, we can present you the predictable aesthetic dentistry treatment results through digital imaging. You can carry the hard copies of photographs along with you and discuss with family and friends for approval.

Sometimes less is more !! Cosmetic contouring and a little touch up can make a sea change in the smile Predictable results before actual treatment