Dental Implant Procedure

What is a Dental Implant?

Implant is a bio compatible titanium capsule like device placed in the bone on which a crown is fixed without disturbing the adjacent teeth. Dental Implant procedure is a very good and safe option in case one does not want to get adjacent teeth grinded, as needs during bridge placement. There are different designs of an implant. The most relevant design is selected by a dentist looking at the OPG X-Ray and sometimes CT-Scan of the teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implant

The advantage is better longevity in comparison with tooth supported fixed bridge. Dental Implants cost is not as high as the general perception and varies depending on the material used. Do visit our dental clinic mumbai to know more.

Many a time, patients using dentures wish the dentures would stay in place. To achieve this, dental implants can be placed and the dentures can be attached to them. Denture implant supported bar & clip dentures, is a big boon for the elderly people who have ill-fitting dentures causing them social embarrassment. At our smile dental clinic, Smiles Forever Clinic, we ensure that implant supported dentures provides the answer to their dental worries!