Maintenance of Oral Hygiene

To maintain proper oral hygiene dentists recommend professional cleaning or scaling of the teeth at least once in the year. We, dentists inspite of proper & disciplined dental care get the deposition of tartar on our teeth which even we get it scaled once a year. Proper technique of brushing twice a day coupled with flossing would take care of your oral hygiene.

Dental Flossing

Flossing is done with a thread like material called Dental Floss, which is inserted in between 2 teeth & pulled from one side to remove the adherent plaque & food particles lodged in between teeth. This floss is wax coated ,so as to catch food in between teeth by virtue of the stickiness. At our dental clinic, we recommend that this procedure be done every night before going to bed. Floss is the over - the - counter product freely available provided by the companies like Oral-B, Colgate etc.

Super floss: Use of super floss is recommended for cleaning of food particles stuck between fixed bridges & gums.

Inter-dental brushes

When there is a food lodgement between the gaps of the teeth, inter-dental brushes are recommended. Also, they are recommended in the dental treatment of patients who are periodontically (gums) compromised to ensure proper cleaning of teeth.

Bad Breath / Foul Odour/ Halitosis

Bad Breath or foul smell from the mouth is also termed as 'HALITOSIS'. It can be due to variety of reasons :

  • Bad oral hygiene causing accumulation of plaque, tartar, and any decay or infection in the mouth.
  • Deposition of sulphur products on the tongue.
  • Unhealthy eating habits & frequent stomach upsets.
  • Habits like smoking, alcohol consumption, tobacco, mishri chewing.
  • Common in children less than 12 yrs of age as their stomach volume is smaller in size.
  • Complains of tonsillitis and common cold.
  • Mouth breathers.

Treating Foul Breath: To prevent foul breath in mouth, brushing your teeth twice with recommended dental technique is necessary. Cleaning the visible area of the tongue with tongue cleaners which are available in the market is recommended. New toothbrushes in the market having in built tongue cleaning surfaces on the rear side of it.

Dr. Suhas Lele Dentist in Mumbai recommends use of mouth rinses / wash, especially Chlorhexidine which is antiseptic in nature. Long term used not recommended as it may cause staining of teeth. Normal gargling thoroughly after every meal or after eating anything prevents the bad / foul smell.

Sugar free chewing gums is a quick option to temporarily take care of the bad breath.