Testimonials from Satisfied Patients

"This Experience at smiles clinic with Dr Lele & team was transformational. I thank for the skill which gave me back my bright confident smile. It was good value for money.."

Pratibha Shetty

"The best doctor I have ever come across is Dr.Lele. He makes one feel so special in his own way. Thank You for the lovely smile you add on my face."

Madhuri Singh

"My two and half years of orthodontic procedure under Dr.Suhas Lele have been very satisfying .To get the desired result one needs to be extremely patient. Its a team work .Their personal attention and expertise encouraged me to continue with the process under Dr.Lele and his team even after shifting to Gurgaon . I am really happy with the end result and highly recommend Smiles Forever for all kinds of dental procedures."

Gargi Dutta

"Painless and amazing guy one of kindest and friendliest doctor you’ll know he’s like a buddy I feel comfortable after and reassured"

Raghubir Kumar

"My special thanks to Dr hrushikesh and Dr aditi lele for their untiring efforts to make my SMILES FOREVER. they r really fortunate to have a great mentor like Dr. Suhas lele. All their patients are very fortunate to have such a team of world class doctors. My special thanks to all the assistants whose contribution is greatest right from welcoming the patients, managing the patients and providing AMUL MILKSHAKES and all the necessary assistance with a smile. Really Gr8 team work. Special thanks to Dr Kothare. I am a changed person with a flawless smile. (Unbelievable )."

Guruprasad Mangalvedekar

"Smiles forever is a very family oriented yet a professional environment. All my needs and wants were catered to the fullest extent. There is a specialist in every department. All the doctors who worked on my teeth were excellent and explained me everything they did related to my procedure. This made me very comfortable at all times as I was well aware of what is going to happen. All in all this was a beyond excellent experience. The smiles forever family will be dearly missed. "

Jasneet Kaur Sokhi
Marketing Consultant

"Previously, my teeth were looking ugly after I smiled. But after the treatment I dont have to worry while I smile anymore! Just smile! Thanks to Dr. Lele and their team members. Love you all. :-)

Amruta Bhuskute

"The Treatment that I had taken earlier from other doctor was so much painful and having no desired effort. The experience with Dr. Lele was absolutely different. It was so much painfree that I never realised that I was undergoing a very serious dental treatment. Normally A patient Hesitates to go to any dentist just Because of fear of pain that he will have to go through with Dr. Lele it was exactly opposite. I was rather eager to go to him for treatment because I never experience any pain at all.
The dental procedure was absolutely much above my expectations.
Having my excellent experience of Dr. Lele's treatment. I have nothing more to suggest for any better treatment. It is nothing but absolute satisfaction."

Mukund Bhagvat

"Hello Sir! I know it is next to impossible to remember all your patients..but I had to use this opportunity to thank u for ur superb treatment! Tumcha Dombivlicha shivaji putalyakdchya clinic madhe majhi root canal chi treatment jhali hoti! Was in my 6th standard then! I guess u and ur assistant named Dr. Gauri treated me. Long treatment with ur funny chats helped me forget the fear and the pain Tya nantar kutcha hi dentist kade sadha routine check la gele ani sangitla ki majhi treatment Dr. Lele ne keli ahe , ki bas, instant reaction asaychi ki parat baghu de na ti cap...Dr. Lelencha kam mhanje kahi prashnach nahi! Haha... majhi 'Molar' holy place houn jate! Jokes apart pan ajun hi majhi cap intact ahe! Ani mala kahich tras jhala nahi tya nantar! Thnx to u! Felt very haapy to see u on fb thru my mutual dentist friends! Will be happy to be in ur friend list! Thnx once again. "


"My experience at smiles forever was brilliant! Very interactive and helpful staff.
Every procedure was explained to me at length, so I knew what was I getting into hence I knew what to expect which was not the case with my previous experience. Am absolutely happy with my smile. It is beautiful yet natural. It feels like my own smile. Smiles forever is the first place where it was easy to communicate and get all my queries sorted, which is rare. So keep it up!! Way to go!!!!"

Tina Parakh

"Treatment executed - 10 Implants placed in the upper and lower jaw supported with 16 ceramic crowns. It was a correct decision to select 'Smiles Forever Dental Clinic' for my most essential dental treatment like implants, root canal and caps etc. I am able to have normal life with good health as I am eating "anything I like!!!!". I feel I have got my natural teeth with the most natural look and feel!!! I am very thankful to all team members of Smiles Forever for giving me rebirth and a great feeling to enjoy life to my fullest. I myself and my family are very happy with the treatment. I strongly recommend senior citizens like me to visit this clinic and get their dental treatment. "

Mr. Mahendra Danani
Age: 72 yrs, Profession: Business

"Been to different dentists before but after Dr. Suhas Lele I am not looking for another one anymore. Dr. Lele is awesome! He knows what he is talking about and is very personable and thorough professional. I met him just once at his clinic and put my dental care into his hands. I continue to be impressed by the high quality of work, care, professionalism and positive attitude displayed by you. You guys make going to the dentist a pleasure. Thank you for accommodating me so quickly, too! Now I will be SMILING FOREVER. :)
Dr. Lele & Dr. Aditi rock!!! "

Sumit Praveen

"Thank you for giving me a lovely smile. I must highly appreciate the entire team for the dedication. I trusted you all and I am glad I believed in Dr. Suhas Lele's words. I am so happy with my new smile. My hearty thanks to Dr. Aditi Lele and the enitre team of smilesforever. Smiles forever rocks."

Hazel Gomes

"I am extremely happy with the smile makeover. I feel my speech and pronunciations have improved a lot after the treatment. Having good healthy teeth is so essential!! Thanks to Dr. Suhas Lele and the Smilesforever team!"

Elizabeth Ahaley 56yrs, Female

"Dr. Lele is one humble gentleman with tremendous knowledge not only about his field but also perfect in soft-skills, humility & assures proper, correct guidance. Doctor is kind-hearted so easy to work along with the dental problems & share your views about. He is a patient listener & designs most suited customized working plan for each one visiting. I had accepted the fact of having broken front teeth for life until I met Dr. Lele & now my teeth looks perfect & smiles are there forever. Thank you millions.. "


Testimonials from satisfied and enlightened participants after having attended the Cosmetic Dentistry Workshops conducted by Dr. Suhas Lele, Cosmetic Dentist in Mumbai.

“Thank you doctors! It’s always a pleasure to visit Dr Suhas and his team. He is excellent at his work and tries to keep everyone smiling at his place. The message is ‘SMILES FOREVER’ Dr. Aditi is compassionate and the team says at the cutting edge of technology.. I would recommend everyone Dr. Lele and his team.. Thank you doctors for the million dollar smile :-) !!”

Dr. Amrita Narang

"Technology has made it easier for students to learn with devices new, but nothing can come close to the experience of being taught by an inspirational teacher like you. Thank you...
Manipal sessions with you have taught us so many things starting from handling the composites,shade selection and shade matching, communicating with lab technician, welcoming managing the patients, treatment plan and along with being a good dentist you also taught us to be a good human being. Thank you for your valuable time and I look forward for more such interactive sessions with you. "

Dr. Neha Shah, Year of passing BDS-2011 Khopoli

"Enlightening esthetic dentistry course, with unique feature of being more practical and day-to-day, and less highbrow and textbookish."

General Practitioner, Pune

"Respected Sir, How are you doing Sir? It was a totally learning and thought provocational session for the last few days with you in Level 1. I'm writing to you, because post Level 1, I'm more channelised and energised towards our Nobel Profession. Your approach towards a private practice and treating a patient with all honesty possible has really given me a guiding light enough to begin my practice.
Thanking you Sir, for every bit and your each tip is valuable asset to me.
I had a best learning and interaction session with Dr. Lele. You have taught me the best signature I can sign teeth I will treat!! "

Dr. Vaibhav Karne

"Clears the concepts and misconcepts about Esthetic Dentistry."

General Practitioner, Orissa

"The entire cosmetic dentistry workshop is amazing. It has given me more confidence on the esthetic aspect of dentistry. I m glad that this course focuses very well on the periodontal aspect of Restorative dentistry."

Dr. Sanjeev Patil

"Remarkable insights onto the subject of composites. I have got enough confidence to avoid any future restorative failures."

Dr. Aditi Patil

"The level 1 workshop is an extremely helpful and very informative to understand the basics of composites. It has definitly changed my concepts for the better and I got to learn new techniques. Techniques to incorporate tints is fabulous. A very big thank you to Dr. Lele Sir"

A Participant

"I am glad to know that composite fillings are safe to pulp and clinicians from Cosmetic Dentistry school of thought, are concerned about pulpal response. "

Dr. Anish Naware
Micro Endodondist and Prominent Clinician and Educator

"I am really happy with the way the basics were cleared and at the same time subtle points important to clinical dentistry were explained. Dr. Lele has been very approachable, humble and has tremendous patience with his participants. "

Dr. Ali Tunkiwala
Prosthodontist and Teaching Faculty

"Great Experience, wonderful staff, Overall good experience, highly recommended for cosmetic dentistry!!!"

Perinaz Vakil