Hands on courses in Dentistry

The cosmetic dentistry Workshops are clinically oriented and lay stress on cosmetic dentistry procedures including clinical demonstrations rather than theory and include innovative teaching devices like multimedia (animated) presentation.

Simultaneously kindling the innate humanness existing within an individual and sensitizing the dentists to their patients, Dr. Lele would like to impart to them what he has learnt from his mistakes.

These workshops impart greater confidence as one of the best dentists in Mumbai with better interpersonal skills.

Cosmetic Dentistry Workshop - Levels

Level I and Level II are weekend (2-day) workshops. Any practicing dentist can attend the Level I cosmetic dentistry workshop. For the Level II workshop, it is preferable if the aspiring participant has attended the Level I workshop but it is certainly not mandatory. As of today over 1000 students have successfully completed the Level I and Level II hands on courses in dentistry.

Level III workshops involve wet-finger demonstrations and 1:1 interaction.

Workshop Feedbacks

"Has made me feel very confident. Though my handwork was not great, but now I atleast know how to do the restorations following the correct protocol and the practice will get me to the level expected out of me. A BIG thanks to Dr. Lele."

Dr. Rachana Fernades

"Thouroghly enjoyed the course. Basic facts were made very clear and the issue of sensitivity was well addressed."

Dr. Neantha Fernandes

"It was good course, helped to understand and composite more from esthetic point of view.

Thank you Dr. Suhas Lele for sharing your knowledge."

Dr. Madhura Kohle

"The course helped me to unlearn lot of wrong concept or steps in my day to day clinical work. Never thought that tints could be used so magically. It is going to help me to great extent."

Dr. Kaustubh Gandhalikar

"I really enjoyed the course and I do will to attend the second level. The course is most informative in our day to day practice and majorly we came to know our mistakes. Thank You!"

Dr. Sonal Sawardekar

"Helped me to understand composite and doing dental practice at excellance. Want to do specially esthetic dentistry. The course has started initiative. "

Dr. Anant Paikrao